Quiet by Nature
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Quiet by nature is a photographic artist book by Louise Bøgelund Saugmann - the series of photographic works is made of layered photographs from Pinseskoven (the Pentacost Forest) on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Over a long period of time, Bøgelund Saugmann has photographed the forest with her medium format camera on different days and seasons. It is said that Pinseskoven once upon a time planted itself from seeds that flew from across the water in Sweden. Today the mythical forest is protected, as it contains and sustains animal and plant life not seen anywhere else in Denmark.
The complete two chapter work by Louise Bøgelund Saugmann, Quiet by Nature, contains chapter one, 26.01.18, and chapter 2, 55˚35’12.8”N 12˚32’56.2”E, in a beautiful box made to house them both.
Together the two chapters form a complete unit, and, in the world we live in today, when everything often goes very fast, Quiet by Nature offers a welcomed respite for you to slow down and breathe with the trees.

Quiet by Nature
Printed on 120 gr. MultiDesign Natural
144 colour images

55˚35'12.8”N 12˚32'56.2”E
Soft cover book with unique hand-coloured cover
Printed on 110 gr. tracing paper
120 pages

Ringe / Ripples
Text (In both Danish and English) by Danish artist, Filip Vest

Price 160 euro

Both books come in boxes that are mixed and matched by the artist and publisher to make every single one similar, but unique - just like a tree in a forest. Due to each box’ uniqueness, colouring, cover and details may vary from the pictures.

Special Edition
Twelve books come as a special print edition, where two fine art prints, one from each part, signed and numbered by the artist, come with the book. The only editions available in this form is no. 6 (sold), 12 (sold), 18 (sold), 24 (sold), 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66 and 72 (sold).

Price 240 euro

Trees are quiet by nature.