Evolving/Eroding is a traveling group show visiting different locations in India (still in progress). The exhibition includes works from the artists; Amit Sheokand (I), Akshay Mahajan (I), Miriam Nielsen (DK), Jenny Nordquist (DK), Jagrut Raval (I) and Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK), all working with photography based art centering around the themes of nature and the manipulation of photographic realities. 

I participate with the work One frame infinite. The starting point in this work, is a photograph from one of my many trips to South Goa. The photograph shows a landscape with the natural sculpture, Magic Rock. It is difficult to imagine how, it was placed and stays in place. From geologists and geographers, we know that similar phenomena exist all over the world, still the sculpture is considered a miracle by some.

'What the photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once', wrote the French theoretician, Roland Barthes in the book, Camera Lucida. Inspired by this statement and that the same image contains countless interpretations and aesthetic expressions, I approach my photograph from different viewpoints. I photograph it on the wall in my living room and study light changes over time through photographic montage work, fascinated by the changes, even though minimal. I blow up small areas of the photograph in search of what the photograph is made of. I send the digital file to artist Will Harris, who translates the digital information of the photograph into a sound piece. I hand over this sound to musician Abdullah S, who creates piano pieces from it. 

The project can be seen as a dialogue between Goa and Denmark, the West and the East, between magic and science, or simply a dialogue between different values ​​and languages.

The exhibition is supported by Slots- og Kulturstyrelsenand and The Danish Cultural Institute in Delhi, India

One frame infinite was also exhibited at K19 during Art Week Cph in 2017.