Attracted to Moths originates from an interest in spaces that represent imbalances and uneasiness in our culture. The project explores a universe created by the orchard ermine moth, Yponomeuta Padella. The orchard ermine moth is a pest that lives in certain woods during the summer, around which it creates a big silken web to protect itself from the surroundings.

From a biological starting point the work point at our powerlessness in the face of the symbiosis that exists between the human form and the organic process that controls us. The relationship between nature and culture is fascinating because there is a paradox between nature’s own free will and mankind’s need to control it. The orchard ermine moth does not ask of permission to create the web. It creates it exactly where there are favorable conditions to do it. Through history the desire to challenge and control nature has driven mankind to cultivate nature and in that way ensure control over it. We live in a technological society, but at the same time our body is organic like the plants outside. In this way we are more connected with the organic world and the orchard ermine moth than we believe.